Training By Brunel University London

Eujin Pei, Department of Design


Based on the research competencies of each partner from the earlier Mapping activities, a knowledge transfer and on-site training framework was developed for the training plan, leading to teaching materials that will be created. Brunel University London (UBRUN) delivered an 8 days’ workshop at UNIZAG FSB in Croatia from 3 June to 12 June 2019.

UBRUN covered aspects of Design for AM, Functionally Graded Materials, Metals Modelling of Functionally Graded Materials and AM Standards. These activities will extend the knowledge from INEX-ADAM to other stakeholders, regional SMEs and start-ups. In addition, the knowledge transfer activities will encourage end-users to develop joint projects with other industries and academic partners, thereby accelerating R&D investment in Croatia. The workshops were delivered and supported by Dr Eujin Pei, Dr Fabrizio Ceschin, Dr Busayawan Lam, Dr Israt Kabir and Giselle Loh from Brunel University London. The learning objectives from the workshops include:

  • Demonstrating the innovation process and management systems for AM;
  • Planning for future AM development in response to identified opportunities and potential requirements utilising strategic and creative tools via PSS and DfAM;
  • Demonstrating the characteristics of business models and correlating them with innovation processes to tap on the potential of AM;
  • Applying creative tools to envision and communicate business models for AM;
  • Understanding existing standards for AM and the work of ISO/TC261;
  • Reading, retrieving and applying standards for AM;
  • Understanding the application of AM techniques to develop functionally graded parts and to identify key FGAM technologies;
  • Demonstrating the modelling of metal AM techniques.

AIDIMME exhibits in ADDIT 3D -The most relevant Spanish Event on Additive Manufacturing

Bilbao Exhibition Centre hosted the 4th edition of ADDIT 3D -the first and only Spanish, professional trade show focusing on Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing- held from 4th to 6th June 2019. ADDIT3D is a space that combines the conference area for the analysis and knowledge transfer of these new production opportunities through the exhibition and product presentation area.

AIDIMME -Metal, wood and Furniture Processing Technological Institute- exhibits in ADDIT 3D its expertise in the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry. AIDIMME is expert in the processing of complex geometries suitable for the industry. These additively manufactured parts display great interest for different industrial sectors due to these AM parts can offer higher level of lifespan compared to parts processed by conventional technologies.

The main strategy of AIDIMME in additive manufacturing was presented in ADDIT 3D which involves aspects related to the re-design, materials, qualification, training and technologies.

One of the main points of the Technological Institute is the technical assistance and R&D services which AIDIMME offers to companies in order to guide and advice them with the additive manufacturing technologies. This topic has been highly requested by the ADDIT 3D community who visited the stand of AIDIMME. There are quiet a lot of factors which affects the additive manufacturing processing. Hence, the process must be tailored in function of the desired material, properties or part to be obtained.

The road of AIDIMME in this ADDIT 3D exhibition ended with a really positive balance. More than one hundred contacts were exchanged during these three days. This enables AIDIMME continue with the work performed during more than twenty years in the Additive Manufactory industry through the development of new technologies, materials and tailor-made services requested by companies.

Training By Montanuniversität Leoben

Through project INEX-ADAM Ana Pilipović and Robert Surma (UNIZAG FSB) spent four weeks on education in Zentrum für Kunststofftechnik which is a part of Montanuniversität Leoben (Austria). Their education was in the form of teaching curricula, training materials, instructions and working on the equipment that will increase regional and national profile of their research institution. Zentrum für Kunststofftechnik covered aspects of compounding of materials. In pleasant environment the learning objectives of education included:

  • Introduction to Institute and safety instructions
  • Compounding using kneader
  • Formulation calculation
  • Compounding of compounds with copper
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • Literature review on thermal conductivity and its effect on FFF
  • High-Pressure Capillary Rheometry (HPCR)
  • Vacuum press
  • Preparing specimens for rotational rheometry
  • Rotational rheometer
  • Thermal conductivity K-system
  • FFF printing.


Roundtable Future Trends in Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) – Where does Croatia go?

On April 18, 2019, a roundtable about future trends in additive manufacturing was held at UNIZAG FSB. Additive technologies are one of the pillars of the 4th Industrial Revolution and are definitely the 21st century technology, especially in the field of technology and medicine. In Croatia, the application of these technologies is still in the forefront, starting with the education system, through the standardization of these technologies to their practical application. The aim of the roundtable was to present today’s state and future trends in the field of additive technologies in the world and to open a discussion on how the Croatian education system and the Croatian economy should be included in these trends with relevant ministries, scientific institutions, and professional associations.


16th Conference on Rapid Design, Prototyping & Manufacturing

Brunel University London hosted the 16th Conference on Rapid Design, Prototyping & Manufacturing (RDPM) held from 4th to 5th April 2019. The conference was organised by Dr Eujin Pei, PGR Director from the Department of Design, and supported by the Institute of Materials and Manufacturing. Professor Hamid Bahai, Director for the Institute of Materials and Manufacturing gave an overview of the institute and recent projects, followed by a total of 24 presentations that were delivered across two days from UK institutions as well as attracting other universities afield, such as the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania; the Medical University of Vienna, Austria; Helmut Schmidt University, Germany; Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy; and Politecnico di Milano, Italy. During the conference, an overview of INEX-ADAM was presented to the audience to inform them about the current mapping of all consortium partners to identify the competencies of Additive Manufacturing from each partner institution, leading to a high-level knowledge transfer programme for the University of Zagreb as the lead beneficiary. The RDPM Conference was primarily aimed at postgraduate researchers, research assistants and early career academics in the field of Additive Manufacturing, offering many of them often for the first time a platform where they were able to present their latest research in a supportive, constructive and encouraging environment, whilst networking with their peers from other institutions.

Eujin Pei, Department of Design


INEX-ADAM Project Meeting at UBRUN

The 2nd project meeting of INEX-ADAM was held on 22 March 2019 at the Department of Design of Brunel University London (UBRUN). The representatives from all partners were present in the meeting. The meeting was organised by Dr Eujin Pei, Work Package 2 leader and supported by Dr Busayawan Lam, Dr Fabrizio Ceschin and Dr Israt Kabir. The welcome talk outlining the project background and work packages was delivered by Dr Eujin Pei; the initial findings of data mapping task were also presented. Professor Hamid Bahai, Director of the Institute of Materials and Manufacturing gave the overview of current research projects of the institute and other partnership programmes with BIC, BSIRC and AMCC. Professor David Harrison, Director of Design Research gave an overview of the research projects on Additive Manufacturing at the department, and also described some of the PhD research from the department. Professor Karnik Tarvedi, Director of Extrusion Technology at the Wolfson Centre, presented the state-of-the-art of extrusion technology of composite materials being developed at the centre. After the presentation, the steering committee discussion took place, where the project manager for INEX-ADAM, Maja Rujnić Havstad from UNIZAG FSB highlighted the past six months’ project outcomes and upcoming deliverables. A brainstorming session for the next deliverable about training and education plan for UNIZAG FSB led by Dr Eujin Pei, Dr Busayawan Lam and Dr Fabrizio Ceschin took place. Dr Joamin Gonzalez-Gutierrez from MUL explained their experience about the ongoing training programme. Dr Julia María Ureña Alcazar from AIDIMME also presented their tentative training plan. To date, UBRUN has completed the Data Mapping of the partners’ resources, expertise and projects on Additive Manufacturing research. Based on the final outcome of data mapping knowing the competencies of each partner, a curricula of high-level knowledge transfer programmed will be delivered for UNIZAG FSB. The guests visited the 3D Printing lab, design workshops and the Experimental Techniques Centre (ETC), followed by short trip to the Central Research Laboratory (CRL). The ETC specialises in sophisticated characterisation and analysis of materials and the CRL is a co-working incubation centre which supports Brunel graduate start-ups to develop their ideas as a sustainable business. The meeting concluded with a complementary dinner at the town centre in Uxbridge, London.

Israt Kabir and Eujin Pei, Department of Design



Kick-off meeting

Zagreb, 10.09.2018.

On 10 September 2018, the project partners held the kick-off meeting at the coordinator’s headquarters, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb. After a brief presentation of each of the project partners and the different departments of the coordinator (Departments of Technology, Design and Materials), a review of the 5 work packages to be carried out until the end of the project has been made.