Training by AIDIMME

Based on the research competencies of each partner from the earlier Mapping activities, a knowledge transfer and on-site training framework was developed for the training plan, leading to teaching materials that will be created. The New Manufacturing Processing Department (NPF) delivered a 10 days’ workshop at AIDIMME in Spain from 23 September to 04 October 2019.

AIDIMME covered aspects of Powder-based AM technologies, from the starting powder material to the final AM part validation. The participants were introduced to metal PBF equipment at AIDIMME.

These activities will extend the knowledge from INEX-ADAM to other stakeholders, regional SMEs and start-ups. In addition, the knowledge transfer activities will encourage end-users to develop joint projects with other industries and academic partners, thereby accelerating R&D investment in Croatia. The workshops were delivered and supported by Olga Jordá, Mario Martínez and Julia Ureña from AIDIMME. The learning objectives from the workshops include:


  • Understanding the field of developing new materials by Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) AM technologies.
  • Understanding the influence of powder properties on the final powder behaviour for AM.
  • Performing a complete workflow of PBF techniques, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Electron Beam Melting (EBM) cases.
  • Evaluating geometry, topological design and re-design for AM.
  • Understanding the process of preparing the AM machine for production and the whole process material involved in an AM production.
  • Attaining knowledge and relevant skills needed for part extraction and post-processing treatments of built parts.
  • Understanding the part validation and qualification of AM technologies









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