The overall goal of INCREASING EXCELLENCE ON ADVANCED ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (INEX-ADAM) is to enhance networking and reduce technology deficiencies in UNIZAG FSB by significantly strengthening the excellence and innovative capacity for research in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM) within the Centre of Additive Technologies (CATeh), which is an integral part of the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (UNIZAG FSB). The INEX-ADAM project will increase S&T capacity and help raise the research profile of the centre in advanced fields of AM through intensive collaboration with the consortium partners LTH, MUL, AIDIMME and UBRUN. To achieve the overall project goal, the three specific objectives are to:


Objective 1

Strengthen the synergy among research institutions through identification, planning and implementation of specific research tracks. Strategic measures applied for this objective will be achieved through regular expert visits and consortium meetings.


Objective 2

Strengthen scientific and innovation capacity and raise the staff research profile at UNIZAG FSB Centre of Additive Technologies (CATeh), within three strategic research domains:

1) Advanced Design for Additive Manufacturing for Products and Tooling

2) Medical Modelling for Additive Manufacturing

3) Material Modelling for Additive Manufacturing.

This Objective will be realised through strategic measures in form of expert visits, on-site training, workshops, and innovation management support.


Objective 3

Increase the regional and national profile of CATeh and UNIZAG FSB, as well as other research institutions included in this project, thereby achieving national and international impact and visibility by implementing strategic measures in the form of knowledge transfer and training materials as well as experience transfer events such as workshops, summer schools, expert talks, open days and conferences, with active participation of all consortium members on relevant scientific conferences and publications in open source journals.

Figure: Process of increasing CATeh researchers excellence in AM



Figure: Project INEX-ADAM concept



For more intensive and efficient mutual cooperation, this project will establish an Advanced Design for Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) platform, which will be a focal point to exchange information, ideas and proposals of all stakeholders to open new applications and increase the overall competitiveness of AM. Existing EU-funded platforms mainly offer news feeds, general guidance on applications and for business networking. However, there is a lack of resource to support and learn about advanced AM applications or to open new opportunities for product and material development in AM. ADAM platform will address to this lack of resource, offering knowledge transfer, R&D, promotion, networking, innovation and industrial application for professionals from medical field, transportation, tool making, research and education intuitions, and other professional associations requiring knowledge from AM. ADAM platform will also serve as connection point for networking with other similar platforms in order to exchange knowledge, resources and to open cooperation in future AM projects.


ADAM platform will have management board with one representative from each project partner institution as well as three main working groups covering: RDI and knowledge transfer of AM; industrial application of AM; and promotion of AM and networking with similar platforms. Details on ADAM platform structure, fields of activities and management will be defined in strategy document of ADAM platform.


Figure: ADAM platform




Table 4. Brief structure of INEX-ADAM project


Duration: 36 months (start 01.09.2018.)

Budget: 997.426,25 EUR




Call: H2020-WIDESPREAD-2016-2017

Topic: WIDESPREAD-05-2017

Type of action: CSA – Coordination and support action

Project GA number: 810708

Project acronym: INEX-ADAM